DRILLING SUPPORT – Submarine Media





As offshore drilling operations move into waters beyond 10,000 feet, drilling ROV systems, personnel and procedures are critical to successful drilling operations. Submarine Media’s modern, high capacity WROVs coupled with experienced ROV personnel is a natural fit for today’s drill ships and semi submersibles. Submarine Media can also support the global offshore exploration industry with tooling and intervention services from its in-house tooling group.

Submarine Media can provide a number of key capabilities and enhanced services to address the needs of the current environment of planning, preparation, risk management, testing, safety and quality at every step of each project, each rig and each well. Today’s new generation deep water drilling vessels require tremendous investment, and the success of the asset’s operation can rely on the performance of the ROV systems on board. We believe that top quality equipment, experienced and properly trained personnel, advance planning, rigorous safety and risk assessment are key components of a successful drilling program. With more than 12 years’ experience providing ROV support to offshore operators around the globe, Submarine Media can provide a novel degree of service and expertise for drilling support operations.